Chapter II

The story of the wild east unfolds again…


Also on this morning a messenger on a horseback arrived. At the breakfast table then the program coordinator announced that now all external artists were confirmed. That sentence was enough to trigger loud cheering from all companions. The wide spectrum of various acts and the exoticism of teachings, that will take place, were a great evidence that their hard work came to fruition. 

The mood was boisterous when they resumed preparing the festival. Especially the cathedral master builder who was experimenting with a new type of steel construction together with scale amour for the big altar of sounds. But also the goldsmith, the creature tamer and the natural healer tinkered and worked meticulously in their own way to shape the outer appearance of the large gathering. Like grinding a raw diamond, with lots of caution and attention to details.

The only once, who restrained their euphoria, were the three shamans. Even though they had succeeded in gaining access to the nexus, an inexplicable fusion of nature happened simultaneously. Occasionally small fishes swam through the dense scrub and a seaweed-like grass grew in the shadows. Everything still unnoticed by the rest of the group.

At long last, the wait was over. The preparations of the large gathering should last only a few more days. The smoke signals rose again to the sky and soon the first friend would arrive.

At the same time the underwaterworld flourished around them. Fish shoals, crabs and jellyfish appeared everywhere and curiously observed the hustle and bustle. At this point everything was fine for them, but the preparations needed a lot of space that’s why a confrontation seemed to be unavoidable.

It was shortly before lunchtime as the master builder found out that some essential parts of the steel skeleton were missing. Even though a messenger got on a horse immediately, it wasn’t sure if he would make it in time to fort Berlin an back.

In the meantime the sky ominously darkened and the wind started to blow stronger. Heavy rain forced the group to make a pause. The atmosphere was rather gloomy, since this interruption came inconvenient. Suddenly a far-off sound like sirens called the group’s attention. Everybody stared into the sky but they could only see some deep dark spots inside. They could hardly trust their eyes as the silhouette of a whale shortly appeared. Even if their discovery had been fascinating, the inexplicability of this appearance made them worry a bit. Did they show up because of them? And what else would come for a visit from the deep sea?

Hundreds followed their smoke signals. The diversity of the group around the two gringos gathered besides notorious friends also lots of new faces.

Colorful headdresses, rare knowledge and inspiring traditions were shared. Due to lots of laughs, hugs and the beginning of new blood brotherhoods the atmosphere was already exuberant at the sunset.

At midnight all guests came together in front of the big altar of sounds to welcome the climax of the first night. Suddenly overdimensioned tentacles appeared out of the dark and placed themselves around the whole festival area. Then the nexus collapsed with a bright flash and a loud tremor and for a second the body of a giant squid showed up. It vanished as quickly as it had come. What remained was a think blue fog and insecurity.

But the pack bounced back and in the following night all damages were repaired and the gathering could live up to its name.

At the closing around the camp fire the group were lying in each others arms and could hardly believe what they had done. Only together as a unit they could have come that far and surpassed themselves in the end.

All good things come to an end. But even after the big gathering, when the group was already dispersed in the four winds, they could still feel a close bond of unity. The inner fire was ignited and the possibilities for the future seemed far from exhausted.

Besides that this time the group got off with a slap on the wrist. The unnoticed infiltration of the giant squid was only a harbinger of what was lurking out there in the wild. For the next big gathering they will have to come up with a little bit more prearrangements.

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How it all started.
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